Sunday, October 30, 2011

Always The Difference Between Full Lace And Lace Front Wigs

Modern and cheap wigs have become very popular nowadays. They are commonly used by movie stars and TV personalities who wear different hair styles each time they have a show. Fashion models also adopted using these wigs for their versatility and durability. But do you know the difference between a full lace wig and a lace front wig? Although both types of wigs have similar base materials, they have different uses and physical qualities. Knowing the difference between these two wig types can greatly help you choose which one would be suitable for your needs.

The main difference between a full lace wig and cheap lace front wigs lies in the coverage of the scalp. As the name implies, the former is specifically designed to cover the entire scalp. Its lace underside is like a cap and you can wear it fully to secure the wig. On the other hand, front lace wigs have different structure. They have slim lace underside that meets from ear to ear. You can attach them along the hairline by means of glue or wig tape. Some designs of lace front are composite. This means the front part is made from lace while the back side is made from other materials like netted skin or thin synthetic skin. In terms of cost, the full lace variety is more expensive compared to front lace wig type.

These types of hair wigs also has different uses. A lace front wig for example is best suited for covering or hiding a receding hairline. It can also be used to partially cover some portions of your hair that has been damaged. Front lace wigs can be very useful too for enhancing your hairstyle. If you need to wear new bangs, then you can use a front wig for such purpose. Meanwhile, a full lace wig is best for hiding baldness. If you are suffering from a serious case of hair loss and your hair has thinned out significantly, then a full cap lace wig is best for you. Most importantly, a full wig can totally change your hairstyle which allows you to change your looks.

Both lace wigs provide comfort, convenience, and style flexibility for the user. However, you can enjoy numerous hairstyle options from a full lace wig. If you are wearing a full wig, you will be able to style your hair in many ways. You can sport an updo with it or tie it for a pony tail style. You can completely change your hairdo by choosing straight wig, curly wig, or short bob cut wig. A lace front wig on the other hand has limited styling options. You will just have to wear it as is. You can not style it like the full cap lace wig. But one big advantage of front lace wig is its ease of use. Simply attach the wig and your hair is already set. Your choice of wigs depends primarily on the type of hairstyle you want. For best results, you should have a complete set of full lace and front lace wigs.


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